Melbourne Cup Betting

Melbourne Cup betting is a cultural institution in Australia. Every year over $1 trillion is bet on the Melbourne Cup, with an estimated 29% of the Australian population tuning in to watch the race.

How to make the most of Melbourne Cup betting

The Melbourne Cup is notoriously unpredictable, and successfully picking out a winner requires luck, excellent knowledge of the abilities of the horses in the field, and often a combination of both!

However, there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances of generating some cash out of your Melbourne Cup bets.

Here are some of the simplest and easiest.

Use free Melbourne Cup bets

If you can use a bookies money to bet on the Melbourne Cup at no risk, why would you consider using your own cash instead?

All bookies offer free bets to their new customers. Some require a deposit, which they match with a free bet, others only require you to sign up for an account in order for you to qualify.

Once you have a free bet you can use it to place a bet on the Melbourne Cup. If the bet wins the winnings will be paid in cash. If it loses, you’ve lost nothing!

Visit our free bets page to access a list of popular bookies who offer free bets for the Melbourne Cup.

Use Melbourne Cup betting specials

Bookies use betting specials to generate publicity during big racing events like the Melbourne Cup, and these can massively boost your chances of either placing a winning bet or getting losing bets refunded.

What kind of special you get will vary by bookie, but look out for:

  • Place specials, which pay out each way and place bets on additional places in the field.
  • Money back specials, which refund your stake if your horse finishes second, for example, or if a specific horse wins the Cup.
  • Enhanced odds, where some bookies will massively boost the odds on a popular horse if you sign up for an account.

All of these are completely free extras that you qualify for just by placing a bet. Visit our Melbourne Cup betting specials page to get more info about the specials for this year.

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